“We are one another’s work environment”

Maria Rapp

Maria Rapp, quality and environmental coordinator within Operational Excellence, talks about what is the most important part of The Red Thread collaboration at the company.

“We have fruitful discussions about how we are one another’s work environment and about the importance of not only how we approach each other, but also what we say. How we approach each other greatly influences our everyday wellbeing at work. And it is especially important in times of change. We are the ones who make up the work environment of AP&T.”

In her group, they most recently discussed having a positive attitude.
“We talked about how we need to be more positive in our way of thinking and in our personal encounters, which is to say, we need to try to avoid energy-draining negativity that does not lead us forward. It is also a matter of seeing possibilities rather than looking in the rear view mirror at what has been.”

On that occasion, Maria’s team also brought up some areas that need improvement, such as the speed at which the reorganization was done, and how it is not always easy to keep up with and understand changes and decisions.

Seeing contexts

There were eight people from different areas in Maria’s team, all of whom had different approaches and all of whom were given the opportunity to express themselves. She collaborated with IT, Finance and Operational Excellence.

What does The Red Thread mean to Maria?
“For me it’s about understanding how everything is connected and how one thing affects another, not least in times of change when you can sometimes feel lost with everything that’s new. It will be interesting,” says Maria, “to see what the future brings.”

Maria Rapp, Quality and Environmental Coordinator of Operational Excellence.